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Dance StudiosDance ClassesDance Studio ConnectDance Schools is an online national dance studio directory for finding quality dance classes and studios, owned and operated by trained professionals in the Arts. is a specialized resource for dance enthusiasts seeking quality dance instruction from local or national dance studios and dance schools.

Whether you're an aspiring professional dancer, or a beginner, Dance Studio Connect is committed to connecting dancers to the dance studios and dance schools so that you can find the dance classes, dance lessons, or dance intensives and workshops that meet your specific needs and goals. 

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Finding the Perfect Dance Studio
Finding the right dance studio requires decisions that are impacted by many factors, including location, cost, and level placement. Whether you're an aspiring professional dancer, or an adult looking to start a new hobby, get in shape, or simply have fun, or a parent looking for the best place for your child to learn the art of dace, Dance Studio Connect is your professional, online dancer's guide to finding the perfect fit for you and your family!

Dance Classes - Dance is a performing art that has many healthful benefits, both physically and mentally. Dance stretches and strengthens your muscles at the same time and devleops lean muscle, in addition to expunging free radicals and negative energy from the body. Your heart rate increases as blood flows through the body, and meanwhile your brain is simultaneously synchronizing movement with music, developing coordination.

This wonderful art can be a form of exercise for both mind and body; leaving you with a sense of well-being and accomplishment at the end of a class. In addition, dance helps foster creativity and develop discipline, as well as build one's self-confidence through individual contributions, and group interactions, to an artistic works. For the serious dancer, finding the right studio to suit your personal goals is essential for your success as a student.

Without the correct training, proper setting, and class level placement, one cannot flourish to one's potential as a dancer. The same is true for someone who wishes to take a class or two for enjoyment; if they are placed in a class that is geared toward the more serious dancer, they might feel lost or like dance may not be for them. No matter what level you are, or how new you are, or if you've had a few too many pointe shoes piling up in your closet, it is important that you feel comfortable in whatever class you take, at whichever studio you choose.

Here at DanceStudioConnect, we care about your entire dance experience, and understand that your goals and needs as a dancer may be different than that of another dancer. For these reasons, we've outlined the various types of studios that offer dance, and what each studio's general focus on dance may be, in addition to differentiating between the various types of dance that may be offered at any given dance studio. These explanations are not rigidly denoting or categorizing any specific studio, but rather, it is meant to be a general guide to better assist you in finding the right fit for you as a dancer, an artist, and an individual.

Dance Instruction and Studios - Many dance studios or schools offer dance instruction as a group class or a private lesson. Generally, classes are group based in most dance forms; except for the Latin dances, which are primarily taught in a private lesson, and are then supplemented with group classes.

Although no place of dance instruction can be surmised by name alone, certain words in an institution's title can give you clues about their individual philosophies on dance. For instance, if you are looking at a studio that has the words Academy, Conservatory, or Repertoire Theatre, or even School of Dance, such may be an institution that places a high emphasis on classical ballet technique training with a more rigid curriculum. These may be good choices for the aspiring dancer looking for a pre-professional education.

Furthermore, if any of these academies are affiliated with Regional Dance America, or any other professional dance festivals or workshops, they may be more plugged in to the professional danceworld and all its career opportunities. However, if you are looking at a studio that is titled something like Debbie's Princess Pointe Studio, or a Cheer/Dance studio, or an Acrobatics/Dance studio they may be more focused on the dance enthusiast seeking a fun hobby or creative outlet; these studios tend to be less rigid technique-wise, and allow more room for play so to speak, with emphasis on jazz or cheer-based performance styles. They can still teach classical ballet, but they may have a wider selection of classes available to a broader audience; they may even be more likely to  have fun, workout based classes for moms and adults while the kids take class.

Still there are the niche studios, for those who want to broaden their dance horizons a little beyond the traditional art forms. These include the Ballroom and Latin style dance studios, which are great for singles, engaged couples, and married couples alike. Latin dance sparks a flame of passion in all those who burn their hearts into the steps! Additionally, there are the Exotic dance arts; those studios focusing on the more sensual, theatrical aspects of dance, including but certainly not limited to, Pole dancing, Burlesque Tease, Chair Dance, and Bellydancing.

Last, but not least, there are the fitness studios that are perfect for supplemental conditioning for the dancer. These studios tend to offer various forms of Pilates, Yoga, Gyrokenesis, Stretch and Toning dance conditioning classes. These classes are not necessarily geared specifically for the dancer, but they are nonetheless beneficial to all who take them, dancer or no. Regardless of your interest, DanceStudioConnect is sure to have the right studio for you, just a click away. All that you need to do, to dance, is get MOVING!

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