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Are you looking for a new dance studio, dance school or dance classes in Virginia? Are you new to VA and want to find a dance studio or dance school? Do you love to dance but are not sure which dance studios and dance classes are right for you? If you answered yes to any of these, Dance Studio Connect is your one-stop site for finding the perfect dance studio or dance class in Virginia! We showcase lots of quality and professional VA dance studios, Virginia dance schools and dance classes in Virginia. Many types of dance studios that we showcase in VA may offer a wide variety of dance classes, including: ballet classes, ballet classes for toddlers or kids, adult ballet classes, contemporary dance classes, modern dance classes, jazz dance classes, tap dance classes, hip-hop dance classes, adult hip-hop classes, ballroom dancing lessons, latin dance lessons like salsa classes, or tango dance classes, and Zumba fitness classes. We also feature non-traditional dance studios that offer dance-related fitness classes, such as: Jazzercise studios, Pilates studios, Yoga studios, Bollywood studios and classes, bellydancing lessons and bellydancing instructors, pole fitness studios that offer pole dancing lessons, pole dance classes, and exotic dance classes.
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Dance Schools and Dance Workshops in Virginia

Richmond Area Dance Workshops

(Richmond, VA)
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Ballet and dance are your passions in life and now you can indulge your passions for an entire week! At our adult dance camps you will train under the guidance of world-class teachers in a professional facility with other students who are as passionate about the art of dance as you are. Our teachers are personally involved in the success and achievement of dancers at all levels. Sun King Dance is committed to excellence and our goal is to provide you with an exceptional training experience.

(Richmond, VA)
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The summer intensive program at Richmond Ballet is designed for young men and women who love dance and are committed to developing their ballet technique. The variety of classes offered—in ballet as well as associated dance techniques—encourages program participants to deepen and expand their expertise. Faculty members are from the School of Richmond Ballet and Richmond Ballet’s professional company. Guest faculty also contribute in specialized areas of expertise.

Arlington Area Dance Workshops

Norfolk Area Dance Workshops

Roanoke Area Dance Workshops

Virginia Beach Area Dance Workshops

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Dance Workshops
Finding the right Dance Workshops in Virginia is important to serious dancers. Dance Studio Connect brings dance schools, Dance Workshops and classes in VA to your fingertips. Find a Virginia Dance Workshop.

  • Arlington Dance Schools
    • Arlington, VA - Adagio Ballet Inc - Adagio Ballet Inc
    • Arlington, VA - Aerobix Inc Dancing - Aerobix Inc Dancing
    • Arlington, VA - Fredgren Kathryn Arlington Center For Dance - Fredgren Kathryn Arlington Center For Dance

  • Richmond Dance Schools
    • Richmond, VA - Rigby's Jig - Rigby's Jig

  • Virginia Beach Dance Schools
    • Virginia Beach, VA - Little Gym The - Little Gym The
    • Virginia Beach, VA - Belly Dancing by Janeeda Classic - Belly Dancing by Janeeda Classic

  • Norfolk Dance Schools
    • Norfolk, VA - 8 Count Dance Studio LLC - 8 Count Dance Studio LLC
    • Norfolk, VA - Ott Evelyn School Of Dance - Ott Evelyn School Of Dance
    • Norfolk, VA - 7 Movements In Dance - 7 Movements In Dance
    • Norfolk, VA - Bayview Workout Center - Bayview Workout Center

  • Roanoke Dance Schools
    • Roanoke, VA - Divine Dance Center - Divine Dance Center

  • More Virginia Dance Schools
    • Alexandria, VA - Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Arthur Murray Dance Studio
    • Alexandria, VA - Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Arthur Murray Dance Studio
    • Alexandria, VA - Dance Studio Lioudmila Inc - Dance Studio Lioudmila Inc
    • Alexandria, VA - Balance' Ballet Inc - Balance' Ballet Inc
    • Newport News, VA - Academie De Ballet - Academie De Ballet
    • Newport News, VA - Amys Dance Studio - Amys Dance Studio
    • Newport News, VA - Amy's Dance Studio - Amy's Dance Studio
    • Newport News, VA - Judy Custume Shop - Judy Custume Shop
    • Newport News, VA - Northampton Dance Studios - Northampton Dance Studios
    • Newport News, VA - Transitions Dance Company - Transitions Dance Company
    • Chesapeake, VA - Chesapeake Dance Center - Chesapeake Dance Center
    • Chesapeake, VA - Bradshaw Pauline School Of Dance - Bradshaw Pauline School Of Dance
    • Chesapeake, VA - Danceland II School Of Dance - Danceland II School Of Dance
    • Chesapeake, VA - Maureen's School Of Dance & Dancewear Shop - Maureen's School Of Dance & Dancewear Shop
    • Chesapeake, VA - Pleau Margaret R School Of Dance The - Pleau Margaret R School Of Dance The
    • Vrgna Bch, VA - Planet Fitness - Planet Fitness
    • Chesapeake, VA - Your Time 24/7 Fitness - Your Time 24/7 Fitness
    • Hampton, VA - Academy Of Ballet - Academy Of Ballet
    • Hampton, VA - Betty Smith School Of Dance - Betty Smith School Of Dance
    • Hampton, VA - Performing Arts Connection - Performing Arts Connection
    • Hampton, VA - Square & Round Dance Information - Square & Round Dance Information

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